Your contributions so far 

Individual Donations

Whether it is £5 or £1,001, thank you for helping us to save and improve lives. Thanks to all donors, including:

  • The LPS regions who have helped guide or collect/administer individuals in the donation process
  • The influencers who have helped reached donors beyond our LPS community
  • Those donating in memory of a loved one
  • Anonymous donors

Donations from Regional Bodies

  • LPSUK  £5,001
  • LPS Birmingham £1,001
  • LPS London  £5,001
  • LPS Loughborough £1,001
  • LPS Wellingborough £2,001
  • LPS Coventry £1,001
  • LPS Walsall £501*  (donation will be doubled by match funding)

Employers’ Match Funding

  • Barclays £1,000 per staff member
  • Lancaster Clements (Accounting, Walsall) £501 matched.

Please ask your employer if they have a match funding or similar scheme to boost your support for our Appeal

Corporate & Group Donations

  • Over 500,000 PPE items from LPS Birmingham members Dilipbhai and Rohitbhai
  • Infinity Group has donated the sum to purchase an electricity generator (£4,418)
  • UK based Pinsad gaam members have donated £1,001 from their fund

Business Contributions

Barfi Bites
Mineshbhai Ashwinbhai (Ruva/London)  has a Barfi Bites box for the Appeal. 60% of the £24.99 goes to the Appeal. The one time indulging saves lives!

Bena Bakes
London based online bakes company is also running a covid crisis special macaron and biscuit pack at £18 and £12 each for the appeal with 50% of the proceeds going straight to the appeal.  

Yoga Fundraiser Class
Yoga instructor, Natalie Gartshore, raised £440 as part of her charity online class held Friday 14th May. Thank you to all participants and donors of the class.

Sharing is Caring
Sachinbhai Shantubhai (Pinsad/London) opticians (Safarian & Simon) are sharing the Appeal with their customers, which has raised over £500 to date.

Sharing amongst other networks (eg BNI etc) has conservatively raised another £500 to date.