Covid Frontline News

Key updates (08/05/21)

  • Donations of 500,000 PPE items are being transported to India
  • Funded a Ventilator in Sanjivani hospital located between Surat and Bardoli
  • We have also provided medicines for 300 people who are isolating at newly created isolation centres for poor people
  • Electricity generator installed and operational so more poor Covid patients can be cared for properly
  • Food for hospital patients to reduce trips for family members and reduce the risk of spreading infections
  • Looking at more ways to provide good quality infrastructure quickly to provide better care for more patients. As part of a bigger project with other overseas donors to build an Oxygen plant.
  • Medicines for self-isolating, poor families for free (collection from Bardoli)
  • Covering any remaining charges for non-Covid treatment and test at this government hospital

These are just some of the ways your donations have been able to provide help. View the latest contributions – click here

Namaste everyone,
As we are all aware, there is currently a devastating COVID-19 crisis in India. To combat this, with LPSUK, we have set up this appeal to support various small hospitals in Gujarat. This will be to help deal with the massive influx of COVID cases, and ensure adequate oxygen supply.

I am in contact and working directly with frontline healthcare professionals in various hospitals around Surat, Bardoli, Navsari and Valsad. 
One of the projects we are helping to set up is a new COVID-19 emergency unit in a hospital near Bamani, Bardoli. It will have a capacity of 20 ICU beds. This hospital provides free care to all, and is in dire need of help. With the help of various donors, we have managed to fund most of the requirements, including a generator unit thanks to Manojbhai Natwarlal’s (Dastan / London) generous donation of £4000. I have provided some pictures and videos to view the progress.

New ward has started taking admissions. (30/04/21)
First patient discharged. Three in total have been discharged today. (02/05/21)

I will continue to update you all with pictures and first-hand recounts from the doctors, as and when I receive them.

My dad, Pankajbhai Patel (resident of SNV district and community leader in Madhi village near Bardoli), and I take full responsibility that the money you donate will be used entirely and effectively to help India battle this virus.

For several years now, we have volunteered our time to help non-India based LPS members and organisations give back in various ways to the SNV district in projects such as education and shelter for the poor and now we are turning to the area’s most urgent need. This pandemic does not look at traditional wealth, but a person’s more important asset of health.
Bhumikaben Hiteshbhai (Derod / London) – LPSUK Covid Appeal Lead and Vice-Treasurer for LPS London administering the Appeal.
Mobile number: 07809208714

Donate online to the 2021 LPSUK India Covid Crisis Appeal SNV District (Administered by LPS – London) – just click the button below:

For alternative ways to make a donation visit the 2021 India Covid Crisis Appeal page.