“Over the past 50 to 70 years a wave of Asian immigrants came from the Indian sub-continent and former British colonies with little more than their ambition, hope, determination and willingness to work hard. Today, many of them and their descendants have achieved spectacular success in all walks of life, and are important pillars of their homes and communities.”

Veejaybhai Chimanbhai Patel (Ambheti, ex-Mayor of Leicester)

The LPSUK charity, its regions and members have their origins in South Gujarat’s SNV (Surat, Navsari and Valsad) districts. We need to honour the brave souls that moved continents, as early as the 1950s. They faced difficulties, tough choices and challenges so that their descendants’ lives would be better.

We hope you find these stories inspiring and humbling. We encourage you to stay connected with your extended family, both personally and professionally and share your own family story with all. To share your story contact us.

Origin stories below (pdf format):

  1. Bhikubhai Khushalbhai (Late)
  2. Dhirubhai Mavjibhai
  3. Gamanbhai Morarji
  4. Ishwarbhai Ranchhodbhai (Late)
  5. Lallubhai Bhagabhai Patel (Late)
  6. Muljibhai Morarbhai (Late)
  7. Ramilaben (Maniben) Gulabbhai (Late)
  8. Sitarambhai Dayarambhai (Late)
  9. Vallabhbhai Hirabhai
  10. Veejaybhai Chimanbhai

LPS history (pdf format):

LPS history (pdf)

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